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Waterloo firefighters awarded maternity benefits
Waterloo firefighters are among the first in Ontario to get top-up pay during maternity and parental leaves. An arbitrated award in July could help other fire departments secure the same benefit.
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Jennifer Mabee Dispatches
Being on the other side of patient care can be an enlightening experience for those in the fire service. As Dispatches blogger Jennifer Mabee writes, a recent trip to the ER brought home the idea that patients aren’t just patients, they’re someone’s loved one.
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Firefighters optimistic ahead of conciliation talks
Firefighters in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, who have been without a contract since November 2011, are hopeful scheduled negotiations with the municipality next month will resolve wage and staffing grievances.
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Family links Edmonton firefighter's suicide to PTSD
The family of an Edmonton firefighter who took his life in late July, say his death was the result of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Brad Symes, 38, was a firefighter for 13 years and is one of 16 first responders to have committed suicide in Canada over the past few months.
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